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Apply to Momentum X1 test group

Now is your chance to try out a game-changing innovation that will revolutionize indoor cycling training!

We are looking for 10 riders from all over Europe to test ride our indoor cycling 4d rocker system Momentum X1 for a three-month period.

We will deliver the MX1 FREE OF CHARGE to your door for the test period, provided that you report your results to our template and share your results on social media using #momentumx1 and #gymrail.

After the test period, you can purchase the MX1 at a 50% discount or return it for free if you wish.

For the duration of the test period, we will make a reservation of half the price of the MX1 (100 €) from your credit card that will be canceled after the period has ended if you don’t wish to purchase the MX1.

The application period ends on 15.08. The test period is active until 30.11.2022.


Are you the one to get your Momentum X1 FOR FREE?

One more thing – one test rider out of all 10 will get the MX1 free of charge! Tell us why YOU should be the one to get your very own MX1 for free – you might need to find the right words to be picked, so be creative.

Good luck!

Apply today to take your indoor cycling training to the next level!

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