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Gymrail Concept Ltd is a company located in Vimpeli, Finland. We are dedicated to change the world of indoor cycling and home training as a whole for good. We’ve had the opportunity to work closely with professional athletes which has given us the possibility to get instant feedback on prototypes, and what improvements has to be done. Our first product, the Momentum X1, is the outcome of hundreds of hours of designing, testing and perfecting the product.
This is just the beginning.

Our mission

We want to help professional athletes reach the best possible results and make training, fitness and rehabilitation more efficient, convenient and available for as many people as possible. To achieve this, we have developed innovative training equipment that increase well-being and improve performance.

The Gymrail Ecosystem

In February 2020, Harri Salmenautio founded Gymrail Concept Ltd to further develop his product concept for accessible home fitness equipment.

Home fitness equipment market had been growing rapidly over the past couple years, and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down even today. The problem was, and still is, however, that existing home fitness equipment is difficult and heavy to move around, and the high price level limits users from engaging in home fitness.

But all this is about to change.

At the core of Salmenautio’s concept is a wall-mounted Gymrail profile, an ecosystem, to which it’s possible to connect dozens of home fitness equipment developed by Gymrail for both beginners and professional athletes. It is a patented* modular fitness equipment concept that can also be used in public rehabilitation activities.

This one frame structure brings significant savings for example in manufacturing costs, allowing people to use different equipment at a lower cost than purchasing them as stand-alone devices.

The first product to launch is the Momentum X1 – a 4D bike rocker system for professional indoor cycling training that can be connected to Gymrail’s wall-mounted profile. With Momentum X1, you can finally experience the most natural riding movement while effortlessly swinging in all dimensions.

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*Gymrail’s wall-mounted profile was granted a patent in Finland in May 2021.

No off-seasons with Momentum X1

Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, it’s all the same with Momentum X1. Now, you can use your bike 365 days a year with a 4D rocker system that takes bad weather and other variables out of the equation. Experience the most natural riding movement with Momentum X1 – a new innovation by Gymrail that takes indoor cycling training to a whole new level.

When compared to traditional rocker plates, the Momentum X1:

  • Offers true natural movement with a game-changing 4D-technology
  • Helps you reach your final watts and improve your training level by an average of 9%
  • Allows you to train as hard as you can without putting any extra pressure on your bike frame
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